Recovering Set URL from oblivion

Hello Magnificent Observable Team,

I want to have a new notebook use the URL of a trashed notebook /@martien.stacking-boxes after also having emptied the trash, yet to no avail.

Maybe I had to Reset the Set URL before trashing the old notebook and emptying the trash?

Anyway, is this URL now sent to oblivion forever? Or can it still be freed up from the Big Void so I can start using it again?

Also, if one can Reset a Set URL, how can one get a list of associated Set URLs for the notebook.

Please advise.

Succes en plezier,


Hi Martien,

Can you try to restoring from the trash and hitting “Reset URL” button to reclaim the URL? Let me know if that doesn’t work.

Unfortunately we don’t have a way of getting a list of associated URLS yet - however, it has been requested by other users. Feel free to comment on this issue here!


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Hi Jimmy, thanks for your reply. Unfortunately, I emptied the thrash (as I said in my message), in the hope that it would free up the URL.

I’ll add my vote to the feature request.