An old notebook that cannot be un-published?

After reading about editing a URL after publishing, I went to un-publish a notebook where I made a typo in the title which carried into the slug (a characteristic mistake for me). To my surprise, there was no option to un-publish!

After playing around, I’ve determine that it’s not the fact that I forked the notebook that prevents it from being unpublished. Might it instead be due to the fact that this particular notebook pre-dates the un-publish option?

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You can only unpublish within twenty-four hours of first publishing. You can send us a support request if you’d like to change the URL, or you can fork your notebook and publish the fork under the corrected URL.

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Thanks Mike! I won’t trouble your team with a support request, as it’s not so important for me to keep the date.

Interesting that there’s a time limit to unpublishing!

As a bit of a follow-up? Is there a time limit before a URL become available again after trashing a notebook?

That is: In my test, I trashed the notebook with the correct slug. Now I when I go to publish the new notebook, I am getting a trailing number, e.g., http://correct-slug/2

You’ll have to wait until the notebook has been removed (i.e. is no longer listed in your trash). Edit: Wrong, see below.

Once a slug is used, it is never available to other notebooks, even if you trash the notebook that used the slug.

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Thanks for the clarification. I assumed the behavior would be the same as for collections, but it makes sense to blacklist used notebook slugs.