Readonly mode for notebook?

Hi, I got here reading D3 docs and having a rough time of it. Every time I click on anything that looks useful, it forks the Notebook and deletes a section of the document. What is the easiest way to turn on readonly mode for a Notebook and disable editing controls and mouseovers for creating new Cells? I didn’t see anything remotely like this in the docs, but alas the docs cover Observable, Notebooks, and D3 so searching is of limited value.

Alternatively, is there a good documentation source on D3 that is using normal documentation systems like HTML and Text without all the wizz-bang dynamic stuff. Sure would be nice to be able to copy code snippets out without something weird happening.

i just want an api guide, like normal libraries publish. not a bad notion knockoff.

Print to PDF also is an unsuitable solution because everything fails to wrap

oh apparently the root problem of tightly-coupled D3 documentation and Observable has been thoroughly covered and dismissed by Observable. Cool. Thanks. It was fun while it lasted.

you should probably stop SEOing yourself to the top of the D3 search results if you’re not going to give it legs.

Hi @galactic.ablution! Thanks for your feedback, and sorry to hear you’re having a bad experience.

Would you mind sharing a few more details about this part? When you make changes to another user’s notebook those changes are temporary, as indicated by the banner at the top:

You don’t fork the notebook until you actively click the “Fork” button.

For what it’s worth, we’re already working on removing some of those controls and expect to publish them some time later this week. I’ll update here once the changes are live, but you can also follow the issues #592 and #598 in our Feedback repository.

You can find the entire D3 documentation at Getting started | D3 by Observable and an API index at API index | D3 by Observable.

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