Radial bars chart: add extra dots or strips to bands/bars

As can be seen in the link, each band represent a column from the data file, the band start point is the minimum value (Pmin_F and Tmin_F), and the end is the maximum value (Pmax_F and Tmax_F). However I also have the average value (Pavg_F and Tavg_F) in the data. Thus I want to show the average value on each bands by dots or strips. Could you please tell me where should I modified?

Radial bars chart

Well, I don’t know anything about the data and I can’t say much for my choice of color scheme, but this seems to do it:

The basic idea is to join circles based on the data, just as you joined paths already. That bit of code looks something like so:

  .attr('r', 2)
  .attr('cx', ...)
  .attr('cy', ...)

The ... indicating cx and cy contains a little trigonometry. The values stored in the data didn’t look quite right so I just computed those averages instead.

Thank you very much! I’ll look at the codes

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It occurs to me that you might get a nicer looking result using the arc function that’s already defined in your notebook to create an arc of some small width centered at the average.

Yes thank you for the suggestions, I’m trying to add arc as you suggested~