Delta Arrow in Bar Chart

Dear Observable Community,

I am looking for a way to insert an arrow into a bar chart which indicates the delta between the cumulated values. Since I am quite new to Observable I don’t even have an idea where to start. I experimented a little with plot.line but it did not work for me. Especially since the y values are categorical… :frowning:

I published an example with the Visualization at the moment and a picture with the Visualization I hope for (yes the latter was created in Powerpoint, but maybe it’s not stupid if it works):

Example Notebook

A tipp how to set this up would be great!
Thanks in advance!

Cheers, Till

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There are line, arrow, and text marks available for Plot that you can use to supplement your picture. I’ve sent you this suggestion to illustrate. The result looks like so:


Thanks Mark for the quick response! Works like a charm :slight_smile: