Problem with Unicode arrow →

I am using Observable Plot in Nodejs and rendering it in a browser with http. I am reproducing the first example from this page. Everything works fine, but the arrows are replaced by →.

Here is my full code:

import http from 'http';
import * as Plot from "@observablehq/plot";
import {JSDOM} from "jsdom";

const jsdom = new JSDOM(`
<!DOCTYPE html><body>
<div class='container'><figure id='graphic'>

const sales = [
  {units: 10, fruit: "fig"},
  {units: 20, fruit: "date"},
  {units: 40, fruit: "plum"},
  {units: 30, fruit: "plum"}

                     .appendChild(, {x: "units", y: "fruit"})
                     .plot({document: jsdom.window.document}));

http.createServer(function (req, res) {
  let html = jsdom.serialize();

And here is what shows up:

How to get these arrows to appear correctly?
Thank you

Problem solved, I needed to add <meta charset="utf-8"> in my jsdom definition:

const jsdom = new JSDOM(`
<!DOCTYPE html>
<head><meta charset="UTF-8"></head>
<div class='container'><figure id='graphic'>
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