Problem with downloading code connected to Google Drive


I have recently had a problem with downloading code from a private notebook. The downloading process would start, but it would download a 10kb corrupted archive file. After investigating the issue, I believe it is somehow connected to the fact that the utilised file was connected to the graph through Google Drive. There was no such problem if a chart was using an uploaded file.

Hi, thanks for reporting! Are you the owner of that file, or is there a chance that you only have permission to view the file (within Google Drive), but not to download it?

Also, could you specify how exactly you downloaded the code?

Yes, the owner. Simple .json file hosted on Google Drive and connected through Observable.

I have downloaded by pushing the export button in my private Observable notebook.

Thanks again, I’ve filed an internal issue. We’ll update here once we have a fix.

Unfortunately I cannot offer any workaround aside from attaching the file directly to the notebook.

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