Preferred way of hosting images?

I notice that many of the first-party Observable notebooks link to images hosted at github.

If users want to put raster images in their pages, is that your recommended image host? (Is there a plan to ever have image hosting directly offered as part of Observable?)

Would you recommend making a new github repository full of just images intended for Observable notebooks? Putting them in separate Gists? …?

What is the most streamlined way of getting images uploaded?

Do other users have advice about this?

(I can figure out various possible methods myself, but I’m curious what users in general have to say here.)


I have been uploading my images to Imgur on several occasions, but it does annoy me, and reminds me of all those fora (and btw, stackoverflow!) where you just have … host your images elsewhere first, which is definitely annoying.

I understand the motivation, but it would be awesome if, say, resources could be uploaded up to a given amount of storage per notebook. (And, as I believe the long-term plan is to create paid subscription plans, this would even work as expected and be beneficial.)

Yep, this is definitely inconvenient right now, and something we aim to fix in the not-too-distant future. For now, there are options - imgur, Flickr and GitHub all work very well as places to host hotlink-able images, with not much difference between them, just use whichever you have an account on and feel comfortable with. As long as it supports HTTPS and sends acceptable content-type headers, it’s good to go.