How to share Observable notebook with files attached

Hi, I am new to Observable Notebooks and have a simple question. How do I share the Notebook with all the visuals that I created? I have enabled link sharing and shared the link, however, the user that I sent the link to, can only see my code and text but not the visuals. In order to view the visuals, the user will need to Choose File. Is there any way for an external user to receive a link from me with the chosen files already so that the user doesn’t have to attach any files.

Also, every time I close and reopen the notebook, I need to choose a file yet again, otherwise, I have no data to display. Is there any way to choose the file for the data and save it?

Hi @ChiqueCode. Are you using a local file? If you use a file attachment instead it will be available to your readers automatically on load without readers having to choose a local file. You can also combine these techniques to allow local files while defaulting to an attached file.