Possibility of having a scrolling plot area with axes?

Are there any example notebooks I can look at where the plot area can be scrolled and the axes are fixed but scrolling in their respective directions? I made this ridiculous matrix but what I’d rather have is a scrollable view into it, that’s not an eyechart. I know all things are possible with D3 but being pressed for time and short on skills I’d prefer an example I can read and learn from.

Warning: big and slow notebook is a work in progress.

Hi jwb! I’m not aware of techniques to do this directly in Plot, though you could potentially create a similar workflow by having inputs to select a subset of the data (e.g. pick a few stations of interest), then only plot those stations.

If you want to try some D3 techniques, here’s an example of a zoomable scatterplot (though you would have to recreate the scale and marks you have in your cell matrix)

Since your dataset is on the larger side, I might also recommend trying Observable Framework, which would allow you to aggregate the data a bit more before visualizing it in the client. In the Framework docs there’s an example that uses Mosaic vgplot to show a geospatial pickup / drop off dataset that supports brushing, so you can discover the relationships between locations through interactions, rather than trying to show the entire adjacency matrix at once.

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Perfect. That was exactly the example I needed.

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