d3 scrollable stacked bar?

Does anyone have an example of a scrollable stacked bar chart implemented in d3? Anticipating the question “why not plot, vega, …?”: – I’d simply like to start with the code base that I began with if possible. If you know for a stone cold fact that a scrollable stacked bar is undoable/inadvisable though I’d appreciate the info.

Thanks for any advice!

There’s this D3 example of a pannable (scrollable) area chart with an overlaid absolute-positioned y-axis. Is that the sort of thing you’re looking for?

Thanks so much for your quick reply! I had indeed reviewed your example. I am trying to make a d3 stacked bar chart like this History: Stacked Bar Chart / D3 | Observable scrollable. I’m still in the googling phase of understanding this topic, but so far I have the impression that scrollability is handled by manipulating the div object rather than the svg. --And that somehow working with divs is fine for single bar graphs like your example, but is perhaps a problem if we want to make scrollable stacked bars. Is it possible to make a d3 scrollable stacked bar chart?