Plot with heatmap with Plot.cell but with date labels

I am trying to make a heatmap with changes over time. However, there are too many months in my data and the labels overlap.

I am trying to use ticks: d3.ticks(...d3.extent(hadcrut, (d) => d.year), 10),
from Cell mark | Observable Plot, but that doesnt seem to work on date formats. How can I create a heatmap wh ere all months are plotted, but not all are shown on the axis (maybe only January of each year: This is my notebook

The second chart is quite correct, I think? Here are a few changes to help make it more readable:

  width: 900,
  marginLeft: 240,
  x: {axis: "top"},
  color: {scheme: "BuYlRd"},
  marks: [
    Plot.barX(data, {
      x: "Month",
      y: "National Inflation Rate",
      interval: "month",
      inset: 0,
      fill: "CPI",
      tip: true