Plot text from `Inputs.text()`


I would like to plot some text from Inputs.text(). Notebook here: Plot text from Inputs.text() / Erdi | Observable

The text shows up in plot but letters overlap. Anyone can help with this?

Thank you!

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Try this:

    Plot.text([text], {x: 220, y: 3500, fontSize: 25})

Note the square brackets: [text], as opposed to just text in your notebook


Generally, Plot marks accept iterables as their first argument so that they can plot a whole list of items in one step. Now, your text variable is a string, which is iterable, and the individual characters in the string are the items. Thus, those characters are all plotted at the some spot, namely {x: 220, y: 3500}. Wrapping text in brackets changes the iterable to an array whose single data point is the string that you want.


:heart_eyes: Thanks so much (for the solution and also for the context)!