Plot Calendar: Render only two months

I looked at the Plot.Calendar function @ Plot: Calendar / Observable | Observable

function calendar({
  date = Plot.identity,
  inset = 0.5,
} = {}) {
  let D;
  return {
    fy: {transform: (data) => (D = Plot.valueof(data, date, Array)).map((d) => d.getUTCFullYear())},
    x: {transform: () => => d3.utcWeek.count(d3.utcYear(d), d))},
    y: {transform: () => => d.getUTCDay())},

It tried to modify this code to render only two months with all days next to each other. After 3 days of monkeying around. I figured this is too advanced for my brain. Any tips on how to get it render like this?

It would be easier to continue the discussion at Render calendar using plots

Sure. I’ll delete this post.