Parallel Sets - Inverted graph needed

Hey guys! It’s my first time working with Observable HQ, and graphs in general. Hope my question isn’t too naive.
So I am trying to achieve the following and it hass to be completed by Sunday! That’s why I really need all the help I can get.

I have so far been using Parallel sets and have been able to achieve the following: Heres the observable link to fork. (As its my first post here, it;s not allowing me to attach more than one image.)

All I need now is that I want to get the Rejected bad down and Hired bar up. Please do give me a nudge in the right direction. Any help is appreciated!

Hi sakina! Can you please enable link sharing on your notebook so that we can access it? You can find the option in the menu behind the three dots in the top bar:


Aw man, yes have done it now!

FYI, this is what’s been done so far.

Please take a look @mootari. Thanks much.

This isn’t the final display order you’d want probably, but it allows you to set the display order based on the input data sort order:

Documentation here:

Hope that helps.


Thanks man!! This definitely helped me tons!!