Page does not run code/Refresh/update

Are the Observable servers experiencing any issues at this time?
I have a notebook I have been making changes to.
It indicated it had 82 changes that had not been been synced with server.

I initiated a Hard Refresh (shift-F5 for Chrome Browser on Windows 8).

The notebook appeared but with all cells showed not content, however when clicked on the code was visible but not executed — stuck @ waiting for API to load prompt on lower left hand corner of Chrome Browser.

Is server just overwhelm by number of changes to respond?

Please advise.

BR/ Kruups

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Are you still having issues? I haven’t noticed anything like what you’re describing this evening. Could there be a problem with your local connection to Observable?

I am still trouble-shooting my network to see if issues is on my end.

But even if I open a new browser instance issue still occurs. I have no issue connecting to other sites.


just continues to show waiting for api on Lower left:


We’re not aware of any issues, so I suspect it must be a networking issue. Do you have any firewall, proxy or browser extension that might be interfering with your connection?

I have been using Observable through Proxy with no issues until today.

I was using it today, but apparently after the synced something broke.


It looks like the issue was on my end. I closed all browser instances and also turn off the following option via Chrome Browser Settings and restarted – now issue is resolved

System ->[Continue running background apps when Google Chrome is closed ]

Mike and bgchen Thank you for your time and help.


It looks like I am back to square 1. The same error behavior is being observed.
It occurs continously.


1.Close all browser instances.
2.Open link to my notebook. (Notebook appears to run upon opening the link).
3.Any manual execution of any cells do not occur (I receive the same waiting message I reported previously).

Any clues on how to proceed o resolve this issue?


Could you open up your browser’s dev tools and see if there are any specific network requests that are failing when the notebook gets stuck?

edit of Mar 6, 2019: not sure this is worth its own post, so I’ll add this info here. I’ve since noticed similar behavior in Chrome as described in your posts above (namely that attempting to load a notebook gets stuck with “Waiting for”) (it only happened very rarely when I was expermienting around this issue). I think the explanation is in @mootari’s post below, that a script is getting stuck in some other window and Chrome then refuses to proceed with Observable loading elsewhere. So far I’ve been able to fix it just by restarting Chrome though.

Yes, I checked no errors on responses, just stuck on waiting All Status: 200s

This can happen if you have an active breakpoint (or otherwise paused script) in any other opened Observable notebook.

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