Output overlaps code at 75% zoom towards the bottom of long notebooks

Yeah, this is a bit of a niche bug.

At 75% zoom in Chrome 80.0.3987.163, the code and output at the bottom of long notebooks like this one overlap. It gets gradually worse further down the notebook.

The bug depends on the zoom level:

  • 100%: fine
  • 90%: bad
  • 80%: fine
  • 75%: bad
  • 67%: bad
  • 50%: bad
  • 33%: fine
  • 20%: bad

Same behaviour on two separate MBPs each with a 2560x1600 display, and on a 3840x2160 external display.

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Thanks for the report. We’re aware of these zoom-related browser bugs, but unfortunately it’s not clear whether we can workaround the issue.