Open - Freelance Project: Sodium Calculator

Drinklmnt is looking for a talented data visualization developer to help with a project to educate visitors on the optimum sodium intake.

This project focuses on creating a daily sodium intake calculator. The goal of this project is to help educate visitors on recommended sodium intake based on scientific research and an interactive interface to customize the results based on their personal attributes/environment. We have scoped out the data tables, references, and formulas but could use an expert to help tie it all together.

One example that we would like to emulate is Is It Better to Rent or Buy? - The New York Times

The deliverables would include a working version on observable which we would then pass off to our developers to integrate into a one page react app.

Looking to get this project started asap. Please reach out to if you are interested.


Iā€™m unable to edit the title but we have found someone to work with us on this project and consider it closed. Thanks