Observable public IP addresses?

I’m trying to connect Observable to my Google Cloud Platform PostgreSQL database.
However in order for GCP to accept the incoming connections, I need to first whitelist the public IP address(es) of Observable:

I tried with the following (from checking the DNS provider), but GCP doesn’t seem to be willing to connect:


Could anyone point me at the right public IP addresses?
Or point me at any other way of getting both systems connected in case I’m doing anything wrong :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance!

Note: solved it by whitelisting all connections (, yet I’d feel much more comfortable if I could whitelist Observables’ incoming connections only.

This is an admittedly unsatisfying answer, but our outbound IP range for database connections could really be the entire AWS IP range. Using that large list is technically better than, but is probably a chore to import and manage and arguably still leaves you open to too many IPs.

We’ll consider ways to limit this down to a more manageable set though.


Thanks for the follow-up @visnup!

@visnup Why not use an Elastic IP?

Elastic IP is on the list to investigate if we can use for this. Need to research how to use it and the best way to proxy TCP traffic.