Private Installations?

Is it or will it be possible to have non-public Observable, for our organization (employer/employee use) ?
(locally hosted, not uploaded to the internet/cloud)


You might take a look at this thread.

I have read that.
It would need to be hosted here (gist server, and observable server), rather than uploaded but private.

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Our focus will primarily be on:

  • Private / group permissions + access on observable
  • Making it possible to export/embed cells and notebooks

For instance, with an airgap network, the latter would let you take your analysis completely local. Hopefully that’ll help with that situation.

In terms of self-hosting the application: it could be an option in the far-future, it isn’t something we’re planning on offering anytime soon, for the usual reasons related to debugging, installing, and maintaining that sort of setup.

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TY for the consideration/time.