Observable Plot in Jupyter notebooks


I just published the first version of a Python package named pyobsplot which allows to use Observable Plot as widgets in Jupyter notebooks, with a Python syntax as close as possible to the JavaScript one. It should also work with Quarto documents for HTML output.

For more information and examples, you can take a look at the documentation website.

This work is in a quite early stage, there will be bugs and some limitations. Some of the caveats are listed in the documentation homepage (at least the ones I am aware of).

Any feedback would be of course greatly welcome !


I tried it. Works on my personal MAC. When I tried it on windows os machine, it doesn’t get rendered. Any plugins or packages have to be installed?

In theory, it should work without installing anything else. Do you have any error message in the JavaScript console ? Did you try with the jsdom renderer ?

Also, could you send the result of pip list in the Python environment you use for jupyter lab ?