Observable Plot: Font Weight driven by data

in this notebook I want to change the font weight in a text mark in dependency of the data, but it does not work: Einkommensmobilität / RND | Observable

fontWeight: (d) => (d.layer == layer_input ? 600 : 400)

The fontWeight option is a constant option rather than a channel, so this is not supported. Instead you can create two text marks with different font weights, and then assign them different data as desired, say by using the filter option.

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I also run into this, and like to have text-specific constant options (as well as possibly some other constant options) to also support functions.

For example, I like to use an array of objects, each containing the text, its position, and its style and mark them on the plot with a single plot call.

Then again, you must have given it some good thought on why they are text-specific constant options. Can you please share your considerations so I may also understand?