Observable notebook URL convention question

What is the difference between these two URLs?

It seems like they link to/render the exact same page.

These URLs do take you to the same page. The second link indicates that you’re entering that page via an associated collection.

I see. So it is something Observable uses. It is not something of users’ concern?

Only if it matters to you how a notebook is displayed. To give some examples:

  • This notebook is part of two collections, Visualization and Astronomy. Depending on the audience that you want to share the link to, you might want to pick one collection or the other.
  • This notebook is part of an ordered collection. Note the added navigation at the top that reads “Learn D3 / 1 of 9”. If you wanted to hide this navigation (and the footer “more from this collection”), you’d have to remove the ?collection parameter from the URL.

Well, it’s a query string and you can use that query string any way you see fit, as described here:

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