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Observable Next: Allow Collaborators to Republish.

Is your feature request related to a problem? Please describe.
When sharing a notebook in the new Observable Next, it’s pretty frustrating that you cannot give collaborators the rights to publish a notebook (e.g. when specific exported methods or variables are being reused across a collection).

Describe the solution you’d like
Adding an extra role for collaborating authors, allowing them to not only edit and republish.


While this isn’t the feature you’re requesting, I thought it might be worth noting that it is possible to republish for shared Teams notebooks.

Thanks Aaron.
Also, it sounds like the use case described sounds like a team of people working on a set of notebooks together. The exact scenario that our Teams product is meant to support.
The great thing about working in a team is that you don’t need to republish if your notebooks are meant to be used within the team… your team has access to the notebooks in their unpublished (most current) state. So if any editor changes the notebook, the other notebooks in that team will have the latest updates, without the need to republish.

Our Personal product, whilst allowing sharing of notebooks to help co-authors collaborate on individual notebooks, does not offer the same benefits as our Teams product when it comes to working together as a team on a set of notebooks.

Hopefully that clarifies it a bit.