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Notebooks in VSCode (not observables but...)

I found this an interesting look at hoe VSCode can do notebooks.
The examples did use observable notebooks but did have typescript notebooks.

I wonder if observable notebooks could work in that ecosystem.

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Thanks for this. Good to see Microsoft working on notebook support. Presumably by design, their approach appears to be quite ‘code-first’ in its orientation. I think the spirit of Knuth’s literate programming was more strongly narrative-first, as also reflected in most of the Observable notebooks I see.

For anyone interested, we have had a VSCode (and Atom) notebook for visualization and functional programming for a few years now in the form of Litvis. It uses the pure functional language Elm as its core coding language and markdown for rich text, with support for VegaLite and Vega for visualization output (via elm-vegalite and elm-vega). Background on its design and implementation can be found in this paper.

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