Notebook thumbnails bug? (the story of 2 browser towers)

not sure what up with .@sys here, but I am getting these diff. pics in FF and Chrome:

FF shows notebook thumbnails sorted by the last update timestamp as I’d expect:

Chrome shows notebook thumbnails sorted by the original publish date:

both taken at approximately the same time.

@tom care to pitch in on this?

no big deal, but I am just curious why and what diff. FF vs Chrome client side JS code you run to show and sort notebook thumbnails?

Potentially a bug. Just pick and use one sort method for all if you’d like to be uniform across all browsers.

The difference here is that you’re logged into Firefox, but not logged into Chrome. So Firefox shows your notebooks by latest edit, as it should because you see the latest edit version, and Chrome shows them by first publish, as it should because other users should see publish order.

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metal logic! and I agree the defaults you picked to display them for those 2 scenarios are probably best for all.

thanks for clarifying this