Notebook fails in Chrome-based browsers – Unrecognized feature: 'vr'

Any thoughts why I’d see this in Chrome-based browsers (same Notebook works in Safari and Firefox).

Unrecognized feature: 'vr'.
   	Mt	@	index-d405a050.js:7
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Example notebook:

I’m seeing “example = TypeError: (intermediate value).replaceAll is not a function” in the page and Unrecognized feature: 'vr'. in console.

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I’ve updated the example notebook with a working and a broken example.

Core problem: (string).ReplaceAll() breaks things.

I think Chrome should be supported, though.

String.prototype.replaceAll() is scheduled to become available in Chrome 85. The current stable version is 83.

The console notice you’re seeing is unrelated to the actual error.