Newbie question: js icons not loading

I imagine this to be a newbie question, but I would appreciate help to understand why icons included in JavaScript will not appear in GitHub and Observable, but will appear on a hosted site and on a local copy viewed in Chrome.

I have tried downloading the files to Git and serving through gh-pages and get the same result in my Observable notebook.

Is the issue with linked CSS style sheets?

Is there a work-around?

I greatly appreciate any help!



Luckily this one has a pretty quick fix! The issue with both the and Observable example is that they’re on HTTPS, and the stylesheet requests specify http:// URLs - so your browser is rejecting the ‘Mixed Content’, because it wants to guarantee that everything under a secure HTTPS URL is also secure. Here’s a fork that changes the http:// URLs to https ones, which does the trick.

In the general case, this’ll work 99% of the time, but occasionally you’ll run into a website that only supports http://, in which case you might need to find a different site to reference. Luckily that’s getting rarer and everyone’s getting on the https bandwagon.

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Wow! Certainly it was a quick fix! Thank you for the clear and helpful answer, as well as your patience with me and my many questions!