New Notebook Cell Toggle UI (Feedback Wanted!)

  1. result before expression is strange to me.

  2. i am opening cells all the time, everytime i open one the other closes. and have to do the neverending cell opening with mouse gestures, thats horrible too.

  3. the current keyboard shortcuts might be good on a mac (dont know) but ctrl + p is printing or other reserve functions on windows.

i love observablehq, thx for providing + open sourcing it.

I also don’t like this order. I wish there was a way to display code first, result second. This is how people read.

You can “pin cells” to keep them open by clicking the little icon to the right of the cell (or using the keyboard shortcut ctrl+shift+P).

pin icon

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ctrl p is printing, shift ctrl p is new private browsing on firefox. unlucky keyboard choice.

i urgently would need a keyboard shortcut that opens all code parts . as it is now, when i read and understand a new demo, i fiddle with the mouse, clicking very small areas, fiddling through 2 step operations like open the small drop-down-menu then mouse into the sub area of that small drop down part that is no fun. and i need to do that for every cell i want to inspect. is there a hack to do that in developer tools with a script?

beside that, i love observablehq.


The easiest quick hack to see all code parts at the moment is to open the notebook in a new window with /safe appended to the URL.

That will show all of the code with none of the output — and, if you’ve forked your own copy of the demo, your edits will be synchronized between the two windows.

hey, that is very helpful, thx @jashkenas !

switching between this
1. code-only
2. code + output
and maybe
3. output + collapsed code (which is now the default view)

would make good sense to me.

You can also click anywhere in the area to the left of the cell to toggle the code open and closed.

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thank you, i did not appreciate that enough, wondering why.
great help