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Native window notifications - not working?


Is there a way to make native window Notifications working inside notebooks?

It would be really useful if we had a way to notify the user about something

Are there other alternatives?

I have created a notebook to display this restriction


Web Bluetooth API - cross-origin iframe security error

At least in Chrome, it isn’t possible to use the native Notification API in a cross-origin iframe (even with cross-origin permissions). See:


We could possibly provide a proxy API whereby the sandboxed iframe can send a message to the parent window, and then the parent window requests notification permissions for beta.observablehq.com on behalf of your notebook. But this requires a fair amount of machinery, so it’s probably not something that we’ll support in the near future. Sorry.


Thank you for the reply, I understand


Works for me with Firefox 57.0 (64-bit) on Ubuntu 14.04.5