merge in a tree

Is it possible to have a function: “merge” like “children”, “url” or “name” that I can use in the JSON file that I give as a source for the tree on ObservableHQ ?

Are you asking about transforming the structure of your data? Could you give an example that shows your data and the format that you’d like to bring it into?

Certainly, you can find the source file of the data on the chart above. neguentropie@64.json The shape is the same as in the chart above. I just want to be able to create branches that meet on a knot…

I’m afraid I still don’t understand what you’re asking. Please give a brief and concrete example.

Here’s an example of the result to be achieved. Is it possible to obtain it via a “to be called” function such as “children” in a .JSON file ?

Not as far as I’m aware. In a D3 hierarchy every child can only have one parent, and with more than one parent it’s no longer a tree.

I’m sorry, I’ve been gone in cybertree mode

I have recently done a notebook related to that:

Thank You, but is not the same thing. I finally need a rhizome structure more than a tree…