Math Symbols / HTML entities in titles

Hi Guys,

While I expected tex not to work for notebook titles when displayed on your profile, I did expect html entities to work correctly.

For example, for this notebook:

The only way I could get the Complex Numbers sign to show up was pasting it as actual utf-8 code. Neither tex nor the html entity ℂ would show up in the title.

No big deal - just noticing.

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The html entity works for me in Chrome on Linux. See fork.
I confused title with header, eg. forgot what ‘title’ means in Observable. Please ignore.

Titles are currently treated as plain text, so unfortunately you can’t currently embed HTML entities such as ‒ in them. And likewise you can’t embed LaTeX.

However, you can use Unicode characters such as (as you discovered) or Unicode escapes such as \u2102.

I’d like to make our title extractor smarter! We’ll keep this case in mind.