loading word docs from dropbox

We’re working on an Observable dashboard that shows the latest papers from Biorxive on COVID-19 and links short summaries of the papers (from Google sheet) https://observablehq.com/@ismms-himc/covid-19-sars-cov-2-preprints-from-medrxiv-and-biorxiv

Many of the papers have word document reviews available on a Dropbox (private but could be made public) and we would like to pull up the text from those word documents via the notebook and show them in the notebook. I’ve seen examples using Dropbox (https://observablehq.com/@potofcoffee2go/002-dmt-dropbox-clerk) but I’m not sure if it would be possible to load a word file in JavaScript.

Thanks for the help.

We’re solving this problem by converting the word files (using pandoc) to markdown and then uploading the markdown to GitHub where we can just use their API to make get requests for the documents (see very bottom of previously linked notebook).