Links in notebook cells not working in Firefox

Links in notebook cells (whether generated from markdown or html tagged templates) don’t seem to work in Firefox 60, though they’re working for me in Safari and Chrome. The cursor changes to a pointer as expected, but clicking the link does nothing. Maybe an issue with the event listeners on each cell, which are capturing events?

Hi Jake,

Thanks for letting us know! Just tried this out on my local install of Firefox, and, yep, looks like links are not working in that browser. I’m investigating now, and at this point it appears that the security rule that we use for that navigation, allow-top-navigation-by-user-activation is simply not implemented yet in FF - we’ll see, that may or may not be it, and possibly we can find a workaround.

We’ve deployed a fix for Firefox. Sorry for the inconvenience!

Not a problem. Thanks for the speedy fix! I’m really excited about Observable; looking forward to continuing to tinker around with it.