Links broken?

Hi, maybe I’m the dummy (high possibility), but links were working for me before… but now they’re not. It could be b/c I’ve modified some stuff as well (or maybe it’s reacting negatively to Disqus?)… but in any case, does anyone have an idea what’s going on here:

Try clicking on any of the links on the page.

However, links on this page works:

Not sure what gives?

I’ve tried using both Chrome and Brave btw…

I’m not noticing any problems with links on either page in Firefox or Chrome.

What do you mean when you say the links are broken (e.g. 404, nothing happens when you click)? Do you see any messages in your browser console?

Edit: When I disable ublock, I can reproduce your issue. (Oddly enough, disqus seems to display fine with ublock on, though I didn’t try logging in or submitting a comment.)

Weird. Mine blanks out, like so:


Dunno if it’s some extension doing this?

Links within the notebooks are broken because - as far as I can tell - the Disqus embed is either disabling the <base> element we use to get links to target the top frame, or possibly it’s handling click events individually. The problem is replicable for me on Chrome in any notebooks that include Disqus. Looking into it.

Update: Disqus binds click handlers on all the links in the page it is included in, via an ‘alfalfa’ script, in order to – according to the source – evaluate when Disqus should get paid for someone clicking on an ad. This was unexpected, to say the least :exploding_head:.


Oh that’s lame-o.

Any potential workarounds?

Edit: I do wonder if this is a new thing (on Disqus’ end)? B/c links used to be working for me…

Unfortunately I don’t think there’s a route to making disqus work - they’re really loading down their comments functionality with a lot of very bogus ad tech. There are some upcoming Disqus alternatives, like Commento (warning, wild web design), Isso, and a hack to use GitHub instead. Though none of these are swap-in replacements.

And, of course, we at Observable are working hard on making comments on notebooks easy as a built-in feature, though they’re very one-on-one for anti-abuse reasons at the moment.

It’s really a bummer that disqus is taking this route, and sorry that it isn’t a good option for adhoc comments in Observable anymore.