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Issue running @mbostock/slide example


I tried importing @mike slide as shown in the examples here https://beta.observablehq.com/@mbostock/slide but I get a weird SyntaxError: Unexpected token:

What am I doing wrong?

Thanks much!


Try putting each of those lines in a separate cell.


Thanks for the suggestion @bgchen. Doing that just created 3 errors now:

:man_shrugging: This is puzzling.


I’m not able to reproduce these errors. Could you link to your notebook?

Here’s a clean notebook I just put together for comparison; I’m not getting any errors in it:


Weird, I’m not sure what happened in the other notebook @bgchen but I started clean and got it working.


See the ReferenceError: document not found? You need @mbostock/slide singular, not plural.


Ugh. Rookie mistake on my part. This was my first time playing with Observable. Thanks for the help @mike.



Here’s a pimped version of Mike’s slide with transitions and keyboard controls : @enkimute/pitch

end plug


Nice work, @enkimute!



Seems to be partially broken in Firefox and completely broken in Safari. Works in Chrome though.