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Is ?v=3 correct when requesting notebook js?


Hi! My goal is to get a notebook running on a static webpage. I’ve been poking around, but I’m wondering if I can confirm a thing or two about the observable runtime.

While working through the runtime example I made the mistake of removing ?v=3 from a request to https://api.observablehq.com/@tmcw/hello-world.js?v=3, having mistakenly thought maybe v corresponded to the runtime version. Am I correct in understanding:

  • ?v=1: returns a deprecated notebook format (requires runtime.load()?)
  • ?v=3: returns the currently preferred format
  • ?[blank]: equivalent to ?v=1

Long story short, is it correct to use runtime v4 along with ?v=3?

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Yep! Use the v=3 format with the latest version of the runtime. Sorry for the confusion—we are in a slightly awkward spot where we haven’t quite finished the migration to the new format.

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Just curious: do you plan to keep v1 API support for the foreseeable future? Just debating whether to build on it (it’s a bit easier at the moment) or whether to figure out v3 now to prevent breakage. Thanks!


It’ll keep working for the foreseeable future, but we’d love to understand your use case better. What makes v1 easier for you?