Is there an example of zooming in on satellite images with d3?

I’m curious if there are any examples out there of mapping a raster satellite image (without a tile library like Google Maps) and zooming in and out with a d3 projection as you would a vector map.

I’ve been unable to find what I’m looking for via search, which could mean I’m speaking gibberish. If so, please stop me.

Hey Ben!

The closest I know of that’s really robust is d3-tile, but it’ll be restricted to spherical mercator tiles. There are less robust / less-recommendable / but still cool examples like Reprojected Raster Tiles, but these have some pretty big drawbacks - they’ll look skewed, have somewhat weak performance, and for the common ‘map tasks’ of drawing overlays, setting the center, and so on - well, it’ll be a lot of learn-as-you-go.

Perhaps I’m biased, but map-focused libraries like OpenLayers tend to have the fundamental parts required for this kind of purpose, though ‘rasters of multiple projections’ simply isn’t a very well-solved problem: the best user experience will only really come from a combined server/client architecture or a decision made relatively early on about the target projection. Otherwise, you’re just very likely to see some skew and resampling artifacts because manipulating raster data is always a bit less convincing than manipulating vectors.

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Thanks for the tips. I definitely need the help. Here’s the use case I had in mind: Take a custom satellite photo, maybe just one big single tile, and then zoom and pan a viewport within it using d3 and geo coordinates.