Geo projection of astronomical image data

Hello. I have some all-sky astronomical image data which I would like to display as an intensity map, using something like an Aitoff projection. The data is just a raster image of intensities, laid out in Galactic long/lat coordinates. Is there some library function or established D3 technique to accomplish this? I could just do the transformation and plot the pixels directly, but was wondering if this had already been solved elsewhere. Thanks!


Do you need to convert coordinate systems?
This might help: GitHub - chrisveness/geodesy: Libraries of geodesy functions implemented in JavaScript

You might try Aitoff GLSL / Fil / Observable if you need to project a raster image in Aitoff.

Thanks, this looks great. I’m going to fork and hack on it a bit, since I don’t actually have an Image as a starting point, but am rendering the raster data directly to a canvas. It looks like I should be able to adapt your approach here.

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