Indication of whether a variable is a cell identifier or a local variable

Would love some type of UI that let you know if a variable is from a cell or a local variable.

Similarly, maybe something like “shift click” on a cell variable would bring you to the cell definition (similar to what VS Code does).

Navigation within a notebook by shift-clicking on cells (or something functionally equivalent to that) is a definite thing that we’ll implement in the near’ish future, once we have anchors for cells that we can link to.

I’ve thought about different color/UI for different variable sources - we have all of the information necessary and could make them froot-loops-diverse if we wanted to, but… I’m not sure how useful that information is, like whether there’s ever a case where my usage of a variable changes depending on where it’s coming from. Would love to get more of a picture of how that’d help a mental model, or maybe if it’s not syntax coloring, how else we should represent these differences, perhaps in a hover UI.

I think it would be useful just to be able to somewhat visualize cell dependencies, maybe just a personal preference.