HR styling broken in last update

Hi guys,

Just in case nobody has noticed - <HR> styling is broken in the last update.



This was an intentional change to increase the spacing around horizontal rules. How is it broken for you?

There’s now an unusable large amount of space before and after them :wink:

hehe I guess I’ll have to rework my styling - all good.


This seems to me like it went way way overboard on the space. YMMV.

it’s also quite too large for my taste, especially when I do something like

_Tech zone_`

and it results in a misalignment


We’ve reduced the padding slightly (from 4em to 3em). If you want the caret > to line up, try moving the horizontal rule to the preceding cell rather than the following cell.

md`That’s all for now, folks!

md`## Appendix`

Which looks like:

What is the reason for the gigantic amount of space? It seems like you expect hr to be used for “start a new unrelated book” instead of “give me a horizontal line”.

(Obviously this can be easily worked around by custom css on individual notebooks. So feel free to leave it however you folks prefer. As always, YMMV.)

It’s for gestalt grouping, so that the content below the horizontal rule feels like its own group (a section), and the content above feels like a separate group, rather than a jumble of content with a rule mixed in.

Here’s an analogous usage in print (with similar padding?) to indicate a minor break in text:

~*cough*~ We reduced the padding a little bit more to match normal paragraph padding. Thanks for your patience and feedback!

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One last question: Should a visible line for a default-rendered hr extend the full width of cells, or stay the width of the text block (max-width: 640px or whatever)? I can see an argument either way, and this probably depends on context, but often the latter looks better IMO.

We considered both; if you allow full-bleed graphics, it feels weird to not have the rule extend the same full width.

Looks like the rule has now completely disappeared (with border:none)


shows only empty space. :sob:

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