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Code prettier should be explicit or fixed.


I’m constantly struggling with getting prettier to format my cells,
it would be great if the feature could be made more reliable (hasn’t happened for a couple years now), or simply be made explicit via a shortcut.

Hitting reevaluate repeatedly in the hopes of something changing is a mind numbing waste of time.


Hi @somethingelseentire, thanks for using Observable & for your feedback!

We recently started collecting bug reports & feature requests in this Github repo: GitHub - observablehq/feedback - if you’d like to report the bug(s) you’re seeing with Prettier and/or suggestions for how you’d like this feature to behave, please feel free to open an issue there!

Meanwhile, as you’re probably aware, you can disable auto-formatting in your user settings (https://observablehq.com/settings) if Prettier is proving more of an annoyance than a help in your notebooks.

Thanks again & hope that helps!