How to increase the height of Data Table embeds?

When I embed it, it defaults to a height, but when I try to increase it doesn’t increase the number of rows shown - rather there is a white space there. How do I increase the height of Data Table embeds to show more rows?

Here it how it looks currently.

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The height of a data table is limited to at most 369px, and there is currently no option to increase it. To remove the whitespace at the bottom you will have to adjust the height of the iframe manually.

Notebook embeds also implement Embedly’s Height Resizing standard. You can find an example for the required adjustments here:

Depending on what you want your data table for, you could instead consider displaying it via Inputs.table, which has the option (among others) to set the number of rows to appear.

Personally I prefer Inputs.table anyway as I find its appearance less obtrusive and often more compact.

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