How to have the smaller circle above the bigger ones?

here is my plot:

my code:

style: {
  fontFamily: "system-ui",
    fontSize: "15px",
    overflow: "visible"
  height: 600,
  width: 1000,
    type: "categorical",
    scheme: "Set1",},
  marks: [
    Plot.frame({ stroke: "lightgray" }),, {x: "effective_date", y: name?"ndc":"ndc_description" , r: "new_percent_change", fill: name?"primary_reason":"classification_for_rate_setting", opacity:0.5, sort:"new_percent_change"})

The logical thing to do would be to sort the data on new_percent_change (since that’s what r is based on) in descending order so that the larger circles are laid down before the smaller ones. Even if you’ve shared the complete code, it’s hard to say more without a linked notebook, since we don’t have the data.

By default, sorts the dots by descending r, so that smaller dots are visible above larger ones. In short, removing the sort option should just work.

But I you want to be explicit about it, you might use sort: “new_percent_change”, reverse: true.