How to change the order of color on legend?

This is my chart:

Here is the code:

  height: 400,
  width: 1500,
  color: { legend: name?true:false },
  grid: true,
  facet: {
    data: data.filter(d=> d.ndc_description == name),
    y: "ndc_description",
    marginRight: 170,
    marginLeft: 10,
    label: null
  marks: [
    Plot.ruleY([0],{ stroke: "silver"}),
    Plot.frame({ stroke: "lightgray" }),> d.ndc_description == name), {x: "effective_date", y: "new_percent_change",stroke: "primary_reason",sort:"effective_date", strokeWidth:5,title: d=> `${d.ndc}\n${d.primary_reason}\n${d.classification_for_rate_setting}\n${d.new_percent_change}\n${d.effective_date.toLocaleString('en-US', {month: 'short', day: 'numeric', year:'numeric'})}`}),
    Plot.line(data.filter(d=> d.ndc_description == name), {x: "effective_date", y: "new_percent_change", stroke: "ndc", sort:"effective_date",
                     title: d=> `${d.ndc}\n${d.classification_for_rate_setting}`}),
  marginLeft: 30,

How can I change the order of colors? For example dot plots get the color first instead.

This thread might help: Possible to keep colors static when toggling out observations in Plot?