How to embed a (Plot) SVG in markdown without line breaks?

I am inspired by the great notebook Inline Plots / Dominik Moritz / Observable to create inline plots.
Now Plot has matured so fast and its design seem to make it very straightforward to create an inline plot from a regular plot.

I just wonder what is the best way to embed the SVG returned by Plot in markdown such that it can be dropped into text with its flow (without line breaks).

At the bottom of the following notebook

I have a markdown cell “Using Inline Plots in markdown” with inline plots which I would like to be displayed with the flow of text with no line breaks. I guess I have to wrap it in some html element and use CSS?

Adding style: "display: inline-block;" to your inlinePlotOptions should do it.


Thanks a lot! Republished with this solution here: Inline plots - a collection of Plot examples / ee2dev / Observable