How to add values to vells in a Cell plot!?

Hi there, I have been playing around in my first workbook trying to get used to the site.

I am interested in creating my own cell plot, which I have made some good progress in. However I am now stuck on getting values in each of the individual cells. You can see in my workbook I have copied the Simpsons cell plot as an example, and each cell has the IMDB episode rating. I want this for my new plot, but instead of IMDB rating it will be points scored by a football team in the season!

Thanks in advance and any help will be greatly cherished.

Did you get it working? Looks like you did. Layer a text mark on top of the cell mark should do the trick, with the same x and y, but using the text channel instead of fill.

  marks: [
    Plot.cell(epl, {x: "Season", y: "Team", fill: "Pts"}),
    Plot.text(epl, {x: "Season", y: "Team", text: "Pts"})