How are Insights calculated?

Hello, I want to better understand how each notebooks Insights metrics are calculated. Does the release notes mention “We do our best to filter out bots and crawlers”, do you also filter out views by users who are owners/editors and/or are members of the team that owns the notebook?

Also, is it possible to access additional insights metrics beyond what is display in the notebook editor GUI?

Also, more generally how is a “view” defined? Is each view unique to a user/viewer? Unique within a timeframe?

Views include owners/editors/team members. A view is only recorded when the page is refreshed, so individual cell actions are not counted.
At the moment, there are no other insights metrics. We would be interested to hear what types of other metrics you would like to see!

We’d love to hear more about additional insights you might want, especially in our feedback repo which we regularly use to inform product decisions!
You can see a couple of related (but not the same) issues there as well: Issues · observablehq/feedback · GitHub