Help needed to debug parameters in the URL

I’ve developed CAT which can be view as a simplified user interface for the Wikidata SPARQL query endpoint : CAT🐈: Claim Analysis Toolkit / PAC | Observable

I allow users to pass arguments in the url of the notebook : CAT🐈: Claim Analysis Toolkit / PAC | Observable

I retrieve the parameters using the following function : CAT🐈: Claim Analysis Toolkit / PAC | Observable

Some users reports that sharing url with parameters doesn’t work .

It seems that the behaviour depends on the web browser. I was able to reproduce the bug using Microsoft Edge for Desktop but I don’t see any bug using Firefox for Android.

Can you test on your browser and tell me if it works?

Can anyone look at my code and see if I’ve made something wrong?

If you have any suggestion to resolve the bug, do not hesitate.

I cannot access that Mastodon link. In general, please include any details about the problem in your question.

Works for me in Firefox/iOS (Your client's web browsing configuration - code: ZDATS4R)

I cannot think of any reason why that would not work on (a modern version of) MS Edge. One thing to watch out for with query strings is that sometimes certain apps will rewrite a shared URL with some additional data meant to track clicks and so forth. So just really be sure when it seems that something “doesnt work” that you have a record of the exact URL the browser is seeing and passing to your page. You could a one line cell to your notebook that spits out the current searchParams:

new URL(document.URL).searchParams.getAll()
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