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Going to use Observable for the Global Game Jam at 25-27 January and looking for tips


Ah, well, thanks both of you. It shows that I still have a lot to learn in these areas. I’ll study it more thoroughly (tomorrow) to fully grasp it and come out of that more knowledgeable.


Thanks again @mike, @mootari, and @bgchen.

I’ve turned it into function fullscreen(x) that full screens an x and both Flower and X-Matrix now run correctly on Safari, Firefox, and Chrome.

(And I’ve got a cell that, when deleted, creates a new one within a second (see just below Guide).



I found the source of the bug (the extra black border when an element is fullscreen), and it should be fixed now!


Works flawlessly, thanks! I updated to 0.7.3, to include the latest fixes and added a resize counter. Interestingly, windowResized is triggered two to four times before it the resizing “stabilizes”.

Sadly I haven’t figured out how to get the other p5 libraries to play nice in instance mode yet


So turns out that setting up Howler.js in Observable is trivial, so it is probably easier to use that than trying to get p5.sound to work:

(Also much smaller code size, which is nice)


See my work-in-progress here: